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  • The Slope Corrector helps you maintain the required angle of your base. This fits to the bottom of the pedestal. This is useful when creating the slope away from your house wall, for the rain water to run down away from the house wall.  The Slope Corrector can also be used to correct the angle of the base if the ground is on a slight slope. 


    You may use Slope Corrector 1% and 2% together and you can use more than one on top of each other to create the required angle. For example, you may want to use 2% and 1% together on a pedestal to give you a 3% slope accuracy. Or, you may use two 2% and one 1% to give you a 5% slope accuracy.  




    1% Slope Corrector - Thick End: 4mm, Thin End: 2mm.

    2% Slope Corrector - Thick End: 6mm, Thin End: 2mm.

    Slope Corrector (Pack of 10) Select 1% or 2% Slope Corrector

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