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  • Adjustable Pedestal for Paving Levelling Support by Mulberry Decking


    • Quick, easy to install paving decking.
    • Fully adjustable decking support with precision pedestals for paving slabs.
    • Promotes good airflow, perforated drainage pipe, sturdy, robust and built with safety paving feet.
    • Incredibly versatile, elevates subframe without the use of posts or concrete and ensures perfect level. No need to mechanically fix the pedestals as this is a completely free-standing system.
    • Can be used in gardens, landscapes, roof terraces, balconies, podiums around swimming pools, temporary floors in marquees, communal areas, and on grounds where there is a gradient.

    Adjustable Paving Pedestals (Pack of 10) (Select from 18mm to 225mm)

    • 28mm to 225mm

    • Pack of 10

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