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Understanding Load Capacities of Adjustable Decking Pedestals


When it comes to constructing a sturdy and durable deck, choosing the right adjustable decking pedestals is crucial. These pedestals provide support and stability for elevated decking structures. In this article, we will delve into the load-bearing capacities of adjustable decking pedestals, ensuring that you have the necessary information to make an informed decision for your deck project.

Load Capacities per Pedestal:

Our adjustable decking pedestals are designed to be heavy-duty and provide exceptional load-bearing capabilities. Here are the load capacities per pedestal for different size ranges:

Pedestal Size

Load Capacity per Pedestal

18 mm - 28 mm

700 kgs

28 mm - 40 mm

1200 kgs

36 mm - 51 mm

1300 kgs

52 mm - 82 mm

1700 kgs

83 mm - 133 mm

1500 kgs

133 mm - 225 mm

2000 kgs

It's important to note that while the pedestals have the above maximum load-bearing capacities, it is advisable not to reach these weights but rather to equally distribute the weight across the pedestals to ensure the longevity of the pedestals.

Our Pedestals:

To achieve optimum performance and reliability, we recommend using our Adjustable Decking Pedestals. These pedestals are designed to provide exceptional stability and support for your decking project. You can find more details and purchase the Adjustable Decking Pedestals [here].


Understanding the load capacities of adjustable decking pedestals is vital for a successful deck construction project. Remember to adhere to the recommended load capacities to maximize the performance of the pedestals. If you're ready to take your deck to new heights, consider our recommended Adjustable Decking Pedestals for a sturdy and reliable foundation.

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